The Omnibus

The Omnibus, Leeds, Yorkshire

An unusually austere-looking 1950s pub on the giant Middleton estate on the southern side of the city, now planned for conversion to a care home.

The Ram Jam Inn

The Ram Jam Inn, Stretton, Rutland

A historic stone-built coaching inn and famous landmark on the A1 between Stamford and Grantham, once allegedly frequented by Dick Turpin. Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band took their name from this inn, which was a regular stop-off for musicians in the 1960s when touring the UK. It is the first pub featured on this blog in the county of Rutland.

The Marlborough

The Marlborough, Small Heath, Birmingham

A three-storey redbrick pub with a prominent clock tower in the sharp angle of two streets on the eastern side of the city.

The Ostrich

The Ostrich, South Creake, Norfolk

A roadside pub in a small village in the heart of the Norfolk countryside, latterly renamed the Plume of Feathers. There are now fears that it will be converted to housing. Still open – as the Ostrich – on the StreetView image dating from 2011.

Edit 26/05/2001: It's now reported that this pub is to reopen and revert to its original name, which is good news.