The New Hop and Barleycorn

The New Hop and Barleycorn, Coseley, Staffordshire

An unusually-named redbrick estate-style pub that, untypically, seems to have acquired modern-style name lettering before its closure. This is another one where, if you move one step forward on StreetView, it magically turns from open to closed.

The Weavers Arms

The Weavers Arms, Failsworth, Lancashire

A pub with a distinctive tiled frontage commanding the busy junction of Oldham Road and Broadway, now being used to advertise a tile retailer. It is in Vaux livery but originally, I think, was Wilsons.

The Pick and Shovel

The Pick and Shovel, Coalville, Leicestershire

A large cream-washed Marston’s pub on the crossroads right in the town centre. Its prospects can’t have been helped by the fact there are other pubs on two of the three corners, including the unusually-named Snibstone New Inn.