The Woolpack

The Woolpack, Radcliffe, Lancashire

A surprisingly imposing pub in the bypassed town centre of Radcliffe close to the River Irwell. Still shows as open on StreetView.

The Anchor

The Anchor, Thetford, Norfolk

A large half-timbered hotel just outside the centre of this East Anglian market town. Very sad to see such a striking historic building in a closed and boarded state.

The Bell & Bear

The Bell & Bear, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

A striking Edwardian mock-Tudor pub with a possibly unique name, situated on the main road between Stoke itself and Hanley.

The Tipsy Gent

The Tipsy Gent, Bordesley Green, Birmingham

A small backstreet pub in a run-down part of Birmingham. It was originally called the Gipsy’s Tent, but the name was changed, whether for reasons of humour or political correctness it is impossible to say.

The Church Inn

The Church Inn, Northenden, Manchester

A large, brick-built former Tetley’s pub that in its last years had something of a chequered history.

The County Hotel

The County Hotel, Alderley Edge, Cheshire

A large Victorian Gothic building that doubled as a residential hotel and a “Wacky Warehouse” family dining pub. In this prosperous location it will probably be redeveloped as flats.

The Happy Prospect

The Happy Prospect, Reading, Berkshire

The prospects for this modern white-painted estate pub in a suburb to the west of Reading don’t look very happy.

The Ball

The Ball, Darnall, Sheffield, Yorkshire

An imposing Edwardian pub with distinctive bow windows in John Smith’s livery in a down-at-heel suburb of Sheffield.

The Shepherd’s Cottage

The Shepherd’s Cottage, Wednesbury, Staffordshire

A main-road pub in the Black Country, dating from the 1930s or maybe 1950s, but much more plain and modest than many of the architectural extravaganzas of that era.

The Castle Hotel

The Castle Hotel, Hornby, Lancashire

A large Georgian building that looks like a residential hotel, now in an advanced state of decrepitude in this attractive village by the River Lune.