The Royal Oak

The Royal Oak, Hazel Grove, Cheshire

A large 1930s Robinson’s pub situated in a residential area away from the main street. Currently in the process of residential redevelopment – not sure whether this will involve demolition of the building.

The Old Roundabout

The Old Roundabout, Stanningley, Yorkshire

A four-square stone-built pub in a run-down area where a lot of properties have been demolished. I assume the name refers to the fairground attraction rather than a traffic island.

The Swallow’s Nest

The Swallow’s Nest, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

A distinctive gabled, three-storey pub in a council estate on the south side of the city. Although it looks like an older building, presumably it is contemporary with the surrounding houses. It has been closed for twenty years, but the site has only recently been approved for residential redevelopment.