The Lorimers Arms

The Lorimers Arms, Collyhurst, Manchester

A classic 1960s estate pub in a redeveloped area on the north side of the city, now converted to a religious centre.

The Norfolk Arms

The Norfolk Arms, Sheffield, Yorkshire

An impressive late Victorian or Edwardian tiled pub with a curved frontage, in an industrial area on the north-eastern side of the city. Apparently the building is now used as a sauna.

The Lord Kelvin

The Lord Kelvin, King’s Lynn, Norfolk

An old pub with a more modern facade, situated on the eastern fringe of the town centre near the station. I’m not aware of any connection between the famous Victorian scientist and King’s Lynn.

The Nell Gwynne

The Nell Gwynne, Hereford

A small corner pub with a rounded facade in a back street near the station, formerly called the British Oak. I stayed the night here on a CAMRA trip many years ago. It has since been converted to flats.

The Albion

The Albion, Burnage, Manchester

A large inter-wars mock-Tudor Hyde’s pub in an area of council housing on the south side of the city. I’m not sure whether it is permanently closed or just boarded up “for the duration”, although it has given the impression of living on borrowed time for quite a white. Just down the road from the Green End, which has been demolished since I wrote that blogpost and the site redeveloped for housing.

(My own picture)