The Railway Hotel

The Railway Hotel, Atherton, Lancashire

A substantial red-brick pub still bearing vestiges of Greenall’s livery, in an out-of-the-way location on the north-west side of the town opposite a long-closed station.

The Black Horse

The Black Horse, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire

The StreetView image from 2009 shows an attractive small end-terrace Marston’s pub, which sadly has now been converted for residential use, although still retaining the embossed sign panel on the front wall to show its origins.

The Commercial

The Commercial, Leeds, Yorkshire

A free-standing pub in an area on the south side of the city currently undergoing redevelopment. The trendy lettering obviously wasn’t enough to save it. It was owned for a number of years by former Leeds United football Peter Lorimer, who sadly died recently.

The Fountain

The Fountain, Digbeth, Birmingham

A small street-corner pub in the Digbeth area of the city, still bearing M&B livery. It closed during the Covid lockdown and is now undergoing conversion to flats.

The Kingsway Hotel

The Kingsway Hotel, Rochdale, Lancashire

An impressive pub built in 1938 by the Rochdale & Manor Brewery that was later taken over by Samuel Smith – the rocks blocking the entrance are a trademark of that firm. It features on CAMRA’s National Inventory. It had actually closed before the 2020 lockdown.

The Wellington Arms

The Wellington Arms, Burton-onTrent, Staffordshire

This small street-corner pub on the west side of the town closed in the middle of 2019 and has now been converted to flats.

The Talbot Head

The Talbot Head, Upton-on-Severn, Worcestershire

A substantial former hotel on the main street of this well-pubbed riverside town, where the boarding-up has been enhanced by paintings of rural scenes.