The Waggon

The Waggon, Mottram-in-Longdendale, Cheshire

A former Robinson’s pub on the main road between Mottram and Broadbottom, with no shortage of nearby properties, which I remember from the late 80s as being quite smart and having a healthy food trade. Three of the four pubs in Mottram have now closed – and indeed three of the four in Broadbottom.

(My own picture)

The Elm Tree

The Elm Tree, Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire

A large Brewer’s Tudor pub rather stranded in the middle of a gyratory system on the north side of the city. The StreetView camera seems to have been afflicted by spots of rain when shooting this one.

The Black Boy

The Black Boy, Eccles, Lancashire

A street-corner pub in a well-pubbed area to the west of the town centre, that was originally a Wilson’s house, was then sold to Banks’s and ended up in Marston’s livery.