The Talbot

The Talbot, Illingworth, Yorkshire

A stone-built pub resembling a small Jacobean manor house, in the shadow of a church on a sharp bend on the main road from Halifax to Keighley. After lying vacant for over a decade, the site is finally being redeveloped for housing.

The Oak

The Oak, Whitwick, Leicestershire

A substantial inter-wars pub in a former coal-mining village north-west of Leicester. There are plans to build eight affordable houses on the site.

The Wheatsheaf

The Wheatsheaf, Leeds, Yorkshire

A solid-looking pub overlooking a busy road junction on the south side of the city, not far from Elland Road football ground. It has since become a physiotherapy centre.

The Roebuck

The Roebuck, Burslem, Staffordshire

A street-corner pub prominently situated on Burslem’s spacious market place. There are plans to redevelop it for retail use, with apartments on the first floor.

The Grove

The Grove, Nottingham

An ornate flat-iron type pub in the angle of two roads to the south-west of the city centre. Plans to turn it into flats have divided the local community.

The Fairway

The Fairway, Leeds, Yorkshire

A large inter-wars pub in a rather bleak-looking location on a council estate in the Harehills district on the east of the city. It is actually shown as still just about open on StreetView in 2008, but had been demolished by 2011. The site has since been redeveloped as a care home, as shown on the most recent view.

The Wylde Green

The Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire

Another large inter-wars West Midlands pub set in a leafy suburban area. Local residents are unhappy with plans to redevelop the site as an “overwhelming” four-storey complex of retirement apartments.

The Brown Cow

The Brown Cow, Eccleston, Lancashire

A pub in the modern Thwaites livery in the centre of this straggling West Lancs village. The entrance to the car park has been pretty thoroughly barricaded!

The Wheatsheaf

The Wheatsheaf, Altrincham, Cheshire

A large mock-Tudor pub with a cobbled forecourt commanding a bend on the main A56 just north of the town centre.