The Black Friar

The Black Friar, Salford, Lancashire

A tall former Boddingtons pub in the Arts and Crafts style, now looking out blankly over a major road junction.

The Crown

The Crown, Mobberley, Staffordshire

A once attractive roadside pub between Cheadle and Upper Tean. StreetView shows it as having just closed and had the signage painted over, whereas on the recent photo it looks very down-at-heel.

(My own photo)

The Dun Cow

The Dun Cow, Stretton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire

An impressive inter-wars roadhouse, now in a sadly derelict state. It went through a spell as Crazy Daisy’s nightclub before ending up as the Goji Chinese restaurant.

The Carlton

The Carlton, Salford, Lancashire

A street corner pub in the backwoods of Lower Broughton, still open on StreetView but now in a very sorry state.

The British Queen

The British Queen, Radcliffe, Lancashire

A rather forlorn-looking former Thwaites pub just down the road from the Swan. Move forward a little and the signboards reappear. Sunday Dinners £4.50 – sounds classy!

The number of Radcliffe pubs that have appeared here, it’s surprising that any are still open in the town!