The Sportsman

The Sportsman, Leigh, Lancashire

An imposing Edwardian pub with a pair of mock half-timbered gables, that looks as though it once enjoyed a strong Rugby League following.

The Lingfield

The Lingfield, Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire

A massive estate pub on an extensive site by a roundabout, probably 1950s by the look of the surrounding housing. A sign of the times - and possibly part of the reason for its decline - is that it is to be converted into an Islamic centre.

The Oddfellows Arms

The Oddfellows Arms, Parr, Lancashire

A white-painted street-corner pub in a run-down suburb of St Helens, now looking very sorry for itself.

The Dry Dock Inn

The Dry Dock Inn, Dudley, Worcestershire

A pub in a rather tucked-away location near the Dudley Canal that featured a bar made from the bow of a narrow boat. Shown in the process of conversion to flats – there are several pictures of it as a pub on Pubs Then and Now.

The Moston

The Moston, Moston, Manchester

An old pub given a more contemporary cladding, now hidden away in a maze of modern housing developments.

The Pike House

The Pike House, Coleford, Gloucestershire

A boxy-looking pub with a possibly unique name, standing on a crossroads just north of the town in the Forest of Dean. Since the StreetView image was taken it has been demolished and replaced with new-build apartments.

The Waterside

The Waterside, Saltash, Cornwall

One of three quayside pubs in a spectacular location underneath the two bridges over the Tamar, which in the past has obviously received investment in the form of the bow-windowed extension. In the StreetView image from 2009 the vegetation is much less overgrown. If you turn round on StreetView you will spot that the nearby Union Inn is painted with a giant Union Flag on the front.

(My own picture)

The Three Stars

The Three Stars, Chelmsford, Essex

Another typical free-standing post-war pub situated rather off the beaten track in an estate on the west side of the town.

The Bull’s Head

The Bull’s Head, Parr, Lancashire

A sizeable pub bearing Boddingtons’ livery in the apex of a road junction in a run-down area to the east of St Helens.