The Stonemasons Arms

The Stonemasons Arms, Devonport, Devon

A small street-corner pub near the naval dockyard, in a very dilapidated condition. The sign on the wall says “Acquired for Development”.

The Bank Top Tavern

The Bank Top Tavern, Oldham, Lancashire

A J. W. Lees pub stranded amongst a sea of car park on the west side of the town centre, viewed from a car park access ramp.

The Park

The Park, Parr, Lancashire

A modern pub set back from the road – the fourth to be included in this run-down area to the east of St Helens.

The Macduff Arms

The Macduff Arms, Macduff, Banffshire

A characteristically Scottish four-square, white-painted pub opposite the harbour in this North-East fishing port.

The Black Horse

The Black Horse, Newport, Monmouthshire

A gabled pub set back from the road on a street corner in the eastern part of the city, just down the road from the King.

The Englishcombe Inn

The Englishcombe Inn, Bath, Somerset

An impressive manorial-style suburban pub in Cotswold stone, opened in 1934 and now converted to a nursing home.

The Raven

The Raven, Darnhall, Cheshire

A redbrick roadside pub in the countryside just south of Winsford in the rural heart of Cheshire. The banner saying “Indian Cuisine coming soon” is there on the StreetView image dating from 2009, which shows the pub before being boarded up, but having lost its inn sign.

(My own picture)

The Royal Oak

The Royal Oak, Flore, Northamptonshire

A solid-looking pub in a village on the main road between Daventry and Northampton, built out of the distinctive reddish local ironstone.

The Soap Box

The Soap Box, Newton Heath, Manchester

A former Marston’s pub in the back streets of Newton Heath standing at a rather odd angle to the road, originally called the Newton House.

The Gardener's Rest

The Gardener's Rest, Stroud, Gloucestershire

A plain 1950s pub hidden away in the kind of run-down council estate you often find kept well out of sight in Southern England.