The Tredegar

The Tredegar, Cardiff, Glamorgan

A prominent street-corner pub in an area of working-class terraced housing in the Roath district of the city. It was recently reported as having been taken over by squatters. And yes, despite appearances, that is a colour photo.

The Three Crowns

The Three Crowns, Heaton Norris, Lancashire

A modern Boddingtons estate-type pub that went through a short-lived and unsuccessful incarnation as the Cosmopolitan entertainment venue – as shown on StreetView – before its final closure.

The Railway

The Railway, Salford, Lancashire

A small, narrow street-corner former Boddingtons pub now marooned in the inner-urban wastelands.

The Royal Mortar

The Royal Mortar, Stockport, Cheshire

Now looking very sorry for itself, this former Robinson’s pub in the once heavily-pubbed Hillgate area has now been closed for about ten years.

The Island House

The Island House, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire

A distinctive mock-Tudor building in the fork of two roads on the main Stafford Road running north out of the city.

The Unicorn

The Unicorn, Halebarns, Cheshire

A striking 1930s pub in a prosperous commuter village, previously tied to Hydes, that went through a misconceived incarnation as “Corbans” (as shown on StreetView) before finally earlier this year being being turned into a locksmith’s.