The Spotted Cow

The Spotted Cow, Leeds, Yorkshire

An unusual small white-painted gabled pub set back from the road in the Holbeck district on the south side of the city. It closed in 2007 and has since been replaced by a functional four-storey block of flats.

The Lion

The Lion, Wellington, Shropshire

An attractive white-painted pub set back from the road on the north side of the town. Right opposite another pub of similar appearance called The Park. There are now plans to turn it into assisted living accommodation. It was still open when the most recent StreetView image was taken.

The Compton Arms

The Compton Arms, Leeds

A large inter-wars pub in the Harehills district on the north side of the city, at one time rumoured to have the largest floor area of any pub in Britain (although I suspect this is doubtful). It was demolished around 2006, pre-StreetView, and the site remains vacant today.

The Station Hotel

The Station Hotel, Ashbourne, Derbyshire

An impressive Edwardian pub-com-hotel on the west side of the town centre opposite the long-closed station, that is currently in the process of being converted to flats.

(My own photo)

The Fellmongers

The Fellmongers, Leeds, Yorkshire

A neat estate pub in the Seacroft district on the eastern side of the city. It probably dates from the 1950s, looking at the surrounding housing, but the general style would be equally at home in the 1930s. It has since been redeveloped into a two-storey apartment block.

The Fiddle i’th’Bag

The Fiddle i’th’Bag, Burtonwood, Lancashire

A substantial free-standing rural pub on a back road north of Warrington, that was once known for its collecton of antiques and curios. It closed before lockdown, and there are now plans for it to become a Pesto Italian restaurant.

The King William

The King William, Earl Shilton, Leicestershire

A white-painted Charles Wells pub in the main street of this small Leicestershire market town that once boated its own eponymous building society. There are plans to build six houses on the former car park, with the pub itself to be converted into flats.

The Britannia

The Britannia, Leeds, Yorkshire

A handsome corner pub in the Holbeck district on the south side of the city, unusually featuring a tower on the side frontage. Obviously the trendy lettering failed to save it. It has since been converted into a convenience store called Kasa.

The Pool Inn

The Pool Inn, Wallasey, Cheshire

A prominent corner pub on a busy road junction close to the Birkenhead docks. The site has been vacant for over ten years, but there are now plans to build an apartment block.