The Kingfisher

The Kingfisher, Ewell, Surrey

A modern corner pub in the middle of a large housing estate with no nearby competition which, perhaps surprisingly, ended up being acquired by Oxfordshire pub company (and former brewery) Brakspear's.

The Red Lion

The Red Lion, Eaton, Cheshire

A 1930s roadhouse-style pub which I believe replaced an older pub in the village centre a few hundred yards to the south. Once a notably plush and successful food-oriented pub. The road it stands on used to serve as an informal bypass of Tarporley but lost its importance once the proper bypass was opened in the late 1980s. It is still open on the StreetView image taken in 2009.

(My own pictures)

The Hare & Hounds

The Hare & Hounds, Bolton, Lancashire

A long, low, white-painted pub alongside the main road towards Bury, which has not been saved by a makeover including “trendy” lettering.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix, Walker’s Heath, Birmingham

Another modern estate-style pub in an area dominated by tower blocks on the southern fringes of the city near King’s Norton. Take one step back and it’s open again.

The Engine Inn

The Engine Inn, Parr, Lancashire

A typical modest inter-wars Brewer’s Tudor pub, still bearing Greenall’s livery, in an area to the east of St Helens that has seen extensive housing redevelopment. Note the chap walking his two black dogs in the foreground of the picture. One of a number of closed pubs in Parr referred to in this post by Merseyside Pub Guide.

The Spread Eagle

The Spread Eagle, Northenden, Manchester

A modern estate-style pub opposite the Church, formerly tied to Greenalls. StreetView shows the site in the process of redevelopment as flats. Acknowledgements to Pubs of Manchester for the photo.

The Bull

The Bull, Denbigh

A substantial pub tucked away behind the Guildhall, that since the StreetView image has actually been brought back to life as the Guildhall Tavern. Situated very close to the still-closed Crown.

The Worcester Park Tavern

The Worcester Park Tavern, Worcester Park, Surrey

A big inter-wars suburban pub right opposite Worcester Park station in the South-West London commuter belt, in a location that surely is not lacking in potential trade. Still open on StreetView, it is reported here to have been occupied by squatters.

The Big Western

The Big Western, Moss Side, Manchester

A massive pub still partly in Greenalls’ livery, hidden away in a maze of modern housing redevelopment. It’s perhaps surprising this one actually survived so long. Renamed from the Great Western to avoid confusion with another pub.

The Dog & Partridge

The Dog & Partridge, Bridgemont, Derbyshire

A four-square stone-built pub on a cut-off former section of the A6 just north of Whaley Bridge, now in the process of being converted to residential use.

This is the pub that I wrote had the smell of death about it.

(My own picture)