The Antelope

The Antelope, Stafford

A substantial inter-wars Brewer’s Tudor pub on the main A34 road heading north out of the town towards Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The Barton Inn

The Barton Inn, Eccles, Lancashire

A big 1930s (or maybe even 1950s) pub, still in Whitbread livery, situated amongst postwar flats close to the Bridgewater Canal. It has been demolished since the 2012 StreetView image was taken.

The Old Plough

The Old Plough, Hanley, Staffordshire

Four-square pub on the main road west out of Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent’s “city centre”, which once had a good reputation for food. Now looking rather lost amongst the surrounding retail sheds.

The New Inn

The New Inn, Gravesend, Kent

A small street-corner pub, still in Whitbread livery, on the east side of the rather tatty town centre. Still open on StreetView.

(My own picture)