The Iron Duke

The Iron Duke, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

A distinctive Art Deco pub bearing Whitbread livery at the north end of the town’s promenade that is now a Grade II listed building. Although the style is very much 1930s, it was in fact built in 1948 as a showpiecepub for local brewery Lacons. The road at the side is Jellicoe Way, suggesting a First World War naval theme, HMS Iron Duke having been Jellicoe’s flagship at Jutland.

The King’s Head

The King’s Head, Wells, Somerset

An old brick-built pub in the picturesque main street of England’s smallest city. I don’t know the history, but surely this is an entirely viable location, unless it is slated for retail conversion.

(My own picture)

The Monson Arms

The Monson Arms, Lincoln

A typical post-war pub on the south-west side of the city, although its appearance suggests family dining, not just an estate boozer.