The Wanted Inn

The Wanted Inn, Sparrowpit, Derbyshire

A white-painted pub on a sharp corner in the Peak District. Robinson’s signage now removed but not actually boarded up as such. It was originally called the Duke of Devonshire but gained its later name after it was up for sale by the Devonshire estate for two years in the 1950s until someone made a bid for it.

Apparently it has been bought by new owners who plan to reopen it as an agricultural supplies store with small attached bar.

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The Soho Tavern

The Soho Tavern, Hockley, Birmingham

A small street-corner pub in an area of light industrial units to the north-west of the city centre.

The White Horse

The White Horse, Penrith, Cumberland

An imposing three-storey inn on one of Penrith’s several irregular market squares that still looks quite thriving on the StreetView image from 2009.

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The Foxcote

The Foxcote, Little Barrow, Cheshire

A small country pub, originally called the Railway. It was then renamed the Foxcote Manor when the licensees acquired the nameplates of the GWR Manor class locomotive of that name, and then just the Foxcote. StreetView shows it still trading as a pub in 2009, proclaiming “Seafood is our Speciality”. It is now a weekends-only tearoom and antiques centre.

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The King’s Head

The King’s Head, Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire

A stone-built main road pub on the south-west side of the city with a distinctive bow-windowed frontage. Note the chap walking along with his jacket slung over his shoulder.

The Vale

The Vale, Birkenhead, Cheshire

A four-square street-corner pub to the south-west of the town centre, still bearing Higson’s livery.

The Bird in Hand

The Bird in Hand, Trent Vale, Staffordshire

An impressive inter-wars pub just off the main A34 road south of Newcastle-under-Lyme. Note the Bass sign at the top right. Its erstwhile bowling green makes the site more attractive for residential redevelopment.

The Pineapple

The Pineapple, Marple, Cheshire

A four-square redbrick pub at one end of the town’s pedestrianised shopping street. Yet another victim of Robinson’s recent cull of their poorer-performing pubs.

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The Rose & Crown

The Rose & Crown, Carlisle, Cumberland

A characteristic Harry Redfern-designed State Management Scheme inter-wars pub on a peripheral estate. Now demolished. See here for a news report about its closure.

The All Labour in Vain

The All Labour in Vain, Horsehay, Shropshire

A distinctively named pub on the fringes of Telford New Town that appears to have been left isolated by road realignments. Featured in this article about closed Shropshire pubs.

The Bullcote

The Bullcote, Denton, Lancashire

A large modern pub on the main A57 between Denton and Hyde, built in the more optimistic times of the late 1980s, which ended up as an Indian restaurant but is now closed and “tinned up”.

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The Old Smithy

The Old Smithy, Winson Green, Birmingham

A distinctive triangular mock half-timbered pub near to Winson Green prison that bizarrely seems to have ended up in the hands of erstwhile Salisbury brewers Gibbs Mew.

The Oddfellows Arms

The Oddfellows Arms, Winsford, Cheshire

A roadside pub on a long road of terraced housing to the east of the town, now looking rather sorry for itself, but shown as open by StreetView in 2009.

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The Boot

The Boot, Warton, Warwickshire

A sizeable pub in a rather off-the-beaten-track Warwickshire village close to the M42 that has fallen by the wayside despite acquiring a trendy modern paint job and lettering. Its prospects can’t have been helped by the presence of the more traditional-looking Hatters Arms next door.

The Stonemasons Arms

The Stonemasons Arms, Devonport, Devon

A small street-corner pub near the naval dockyard, in a very dilapidated condition. The sign on the wall says “Acquired for Development”.

The Bank Top Tavern

The Bank Top Tavern, Oldham, Lancashire

A J. W. Lees pub stranded amongst a sea of car park on the west side of the town centre, viewed from a car park access ramp.

The Park

The Park, Parr, Lancashire

A modern pub set back from the road – the fourth to be included in this run-down area to the east of St Helens.

The Macduff Arms

The Macduff Arms, Macduff, Banffshire

A characteristically Scottish four-square, white-painted pub opposite the harbour in this North-East fishing port.

The Black Horse

The Black Horse, Newport, Monmouthshire

A gabled pub set back from the road on a street corner in the eastern part of the city, just down the road from the King.

The Englishcombe Inn

The Englishcombe Inn, Bath, Somerset

An impressive manorial-style suburban pub in Cotswold stone, opened in 1934 and now converted to a nursing home.

The Raven

The Raven, Darnhall, Cheshire

A redbrick roadside pub in the countryside just south of Winsford in the rural heart of Cheshire. The banner saying “Indian Cuisine coming soon” is there on the StreetView image dating from 2009, which shows the pub before being boarded up, but having lost its inn sign.

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The Royal Oak

The Royal Oak, Flore, Northamptonshire

A solid-looking pub in a village on the main road between Daventry and Northampton, built out of the distinctive reddish local ironstone.

The Soap Box

The Soap Box, Newton Heath, Manchester

A former Marston’s pub in the back streets of Newton Heath standing at a rather odd angle to the road, originally called the Newton House.

The Gardener's Rest

The Gardener's Rest, Stroud, Gloucestershire

A plain 1950s pub hidden away in the kind of run-down council estate you often find kept well out of sight in Southern England.

The Sportsman

The Sportsman, Leigh, Lancashire

An imposing Edwardian pub with a pair of mock half-timbered gables, that looks as though it once enjoyed a strong Rugby League following.

The Lingfield

The Lingfield, Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire

A massive estate pub on an extensive site by a roundabout, probably 1950s by the look of the surrounding housing. A sign of the times - and possibly part of the reason for its decline - is that it is to be converted into an Islamic centre.

The Oddfellows Arms

The Oddfellows Arms, Parr, Lancashire

A white-painted street-corner pub in a run-down suburb of St Helens, now looking very sorry for itself.

The Dry Dock Inn

The Dry Dock Inn, Dudley, Worcestershire

A pub in a rather tucked-away location near the Dudley Canal that featured a bar made from the bow of a narrow boat. Shown in the process of conversion to flats – there are several pictures of it as a pub on Pubs Then and Now.

The Moston

The Moston, Moston, Manchester

An old pub given a more contemporary cladding, now hidden away in a maze of modern housing developments.

The Pike House

The Pike House, Coleford, Gloucestershire

A boxy-looking pub with a possibly unique name, standing on a crossroads just north of the town in the Forest of Dean. Since the StreetView image was taken it has been demolished and replaced with new-build apartments.

The Waterside

The Waterside, Saltash, Cornwall

One of three quayside pubs in a spectacular location underneath the two bridges over the Tamar, which in the past has obviously received investment in the form of the bow-windowed extension. In the StreetView image from 2009 the vegetation is much less overgrown. If you turn round on StreetView you will spot that the nearby Union Inn is painted with a giant Union Flag on the front.

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The Three Stars

The Three Stars, Chelmsford, Essex

Another typical free-standing post-war pub situated rather off the beaten track in an estate on the west side of the town.

The Bull’s Head

The Bull’s Head, Parr, Lancashire

A sizeable pub bearing Boddingtons’ livery in the apex of a road junction in a run-down area to the east of St Helens.

The Kingfisher

The Kingfisher, Ewell, Surrey

A modern corner pub in the middle of a large housing estate with no nearby competition which, perhaps surprisingly, ended up being acquired by Oxfordshire pub company (and former brewery) Brakspear's.

The Red Lion

The Red Lion, Eaton, Cheshire

A 1930s roadhouse-style pub which I believe replaced an older pub in the village centre a few hundred yards to the south. Once a notably plush and successful food-oriented pub. The road it stands on used to serve as an informal bypass of Tarporley but lost its importance once the proper bypass was opened in the late 1980s. It is still open on the StreetView image taken in 2009.

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The Hare & Hounds

The Hare & Hounds, Bolton, Lancashire

A long, low, white-painted pub alongside the main road towards Bury, which has not been saved by a makeover including “trendy” lettering.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix, Walker’s Heath, Birmingham

Another modern estate-style pub in an area dominated by tower blocks on the southern fringes of the city near King’s Norton. Take one step back and it’s open again.

The Engine Inn

The Engine Inn, Parr, Lancashire

A typical modest inter-wars Brewer’s Tudor pub, still bearing Greenall’s livery, in an area to the east of St Helens that has seen extensive housing redevelopment. Note the chap walking his two black dogs in the foreground of the picture. One of a number of closed pubs in Parr referred to in this post by Merseyside Pub Guide.

The Spread Eagle

The Spread Eagle, Northenden, Manchester

A modern estate-style pub opposite the Church, formerly tied to Greenalls. StreetView shows the site in the process of redevelopment as flats. Acknowledgements to Pubs of Manchester for the photo.

The Bull

The Bull, Denbigh

A substantial pub tucked away behind the Guildhall, that since the StreetView image has actually been brought back to life as the Guildhall Tavern. Situated very close to the still-closed Crown.