The Silver Jubilee

The Silver Jubilee, Heaton Norris, Lancashire

A modern estate-style pub in an area of new housing redeveloped from old terraced streets. It opened in 1977 to coincide with the Jubilee and thus managed to last 44 years. It closed earlier this month and owners Robinson’s lost no time in boarding it up and removing their signage.

(My own photo)

The Station Hotel

The Station Hotel, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

A large pub next to the still operational station, with an ornate Jacobean-style extension that appears to date from the Edwardian period. It is now on the “wrong side of the tracks” from most of the town centre.

The Sportsman

The Sportsman, Cliffsend, Kent

Pictured under threatening skies, a small white-painted roadside pub overlooking the sea near the defunct Pegwell Bay hovercraft terminal. Although not boarded up as such, the blackboard outside states “Closed Since 2017/04”.

The Morning Star

The Morning Star, Barnsley, Yorkshire

A four-square, flat-roofed inter-wars pub, distinguished by ornate stone door surrounds, standing in an elevated location on the south side of the town. In its latter years it was acquired by Lancashire brewery Thwaites.

The Roath Park

The Roath Park, Cardiff, Glamorgan

A large stone-built street-corner pub on a busy shopping street on the north side of the city. There are plans to demolish it and build a block of flats on the site.