The Victoria

The Victoria, Urmston, Lancashire

Situated at the rear of a modern shopping precinct, you would hardly think this had ever been a pub, but it certainly was, replacing an imposing Victorian building of the same name in the 1960s. It its latter years it went through various incarnations as Boogie Piano Bar and Stage One Bar.

The Chellow

The Chellow, Bradford, Yorkshire

A distinctive 1930s Art Deco style pub in a suburban area to the west of the city, now converted to residential use.

The New Inn

The New Inn, Weymouth, Dorset

An old but much extended pub on a main road and close to new housing estates on the north side of the town. It is to be demolished to allow for the development of yet more housing.

The Old Cottage Tavern

The Old Cottage Tavern, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Originally the British Oak, this backstreet pub near the Town Hall was run for a period as the brewery tap for the Old Cottage Brewery.

The Fernlea

The Fernlea, Leeds, Yorkshire

A large three-storey post-war estate pub in the Farnley district on the south-west side of the city (see where they got the name from?), that looks more like a parade of shops. Since demolished and the site redeveloped for housing.

The Swan

The Swan, Bucklow Hill, Cheshire

An old pub that later became a Brewer's Fayre and had a Premier Inn added on to the back. It was a familiar landmark on the busy A556 road that connected Manchester to the M6, but once that was bypassed the amount of passing trade will have dramatically declined.

(My own picture)

The Masons Arms

The Masons Arms, Retford, Nottinghamshire

A three-storey pub on the eastern fringe of the centre of this North Nottinghamshire market town, with an impressive stone-clad ground floor frontage.

The Oyster Catcher

The Oyster Catcher, Leasowe, Cheshire

A modern pub built in 1961 by Liverpool brewery Higson’s, in a large housing estate at the northern tip of the Wirral peninsula, which closed in 2016. Renamed as Brambles in its final years, as shown in the photo.

The Riverway

The Riverway, Nottingham

A postwar pub, situated in an area of redeveloped housing between the city centre and the Trent bridge. Originally built by local brewery Shipstones, but later taken over by Samuel Smith.

The Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales, Bradford, Yorkshire

A large inter-wars pub formerly tied to John Smith’s, situated on the main Harrogate Road on the north-east side of the city.

The Junction

The Junction, Hulme, Manchester

A distinctive flat-iron pub in the sharp angle of two roads to the south of the city centre, still bearing Hydes’ livery. The new housing opposite obviously hasn’t been enough to save it.

The New Inn

The New Inn, Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire

An ornately-decorated stone-faced late Victorian or Edwardian pub on the busy Dewsbury Road on the south side of the city, now converted to an Asian supermarket.

The Byrkley Arms

The Byrkley Arms, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire

A street corner pub on the north-west side of the town near the town hall and station. On some earlier StreetView iterations it is called the Berkeley Arms, but the street it is on is Byrkley Street. The name comes from the site of a now demolished stately home to the west of the town, that once belonged to the Bass family and is now used as the St George’s Park National Football Centre.

Ye Old Harrow

Ye Old Harrow, Sheffield, Yorkshire

A once attractive pub on the eastern fringe of the city centre that looks to be of a variety of different ages.

The Crown

The Crown, Stockport, Cheshire

A former Boddington’s pub spectacularly situated in the shadow of Stockport’s famous viaduct, that for many years was very successful as a multi-beer free house. It closed during the second lockdown, but hopefully there should be a good chance of it eventually reopening again.

The Railway Hotel

The Railway Hotel, Atherton, Lancashire

A substantial red-brick pub still bearing vestiges of Greenall’s livery, in an out-of-the-way location on the north-west side of the town opposite a long-closed station.

The Black Horse

The Black Horse, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire

The StreetView image from 2009 shows an attractive small end-terrace Marston’s pub, which sadly has now been converted for residential use, although still retaining the embossed sign panel on the front wall to show its origins.

The Commercial

The Commercial, Leeds, Yorkshire

A free-standing pub in an area on the south side of the city currently undergoing redevelopment. The trendy lettering obviously wasn’t enough to save it. It was owned for a number of years by former Leeds United football Peter Lorimer, who sadly died recently.

The Fountain

The Fountain, Digbeth, Birmingham

A small street-corner pub in the Digbeth area of the city, still bearing M&B livery. It closed during the Covid lockdown and is now undergoing conversion to flats.

The Kingsway Hotel

The Kingsway Hotel, Rochdale, Lancashire

An impressive pub built in 1938 by the Rochdale & Manor Brewery that was later taken over by Samuel Smith – the rocks blocking the entrance are a trademark of that firm. It features on CAMRA’s National Inventory. It had actually closed before the 2020 lockdown.

The Wellington Arms

The Wellington Arms, Burton-onTrent, Staffordshire

This small street-corner pub on the west side of the town closed in the middle of 2019 and has now been converted to flats.

The Talbot Head

The Talbot Head, Upton-on-Severn, Worcestershire

A substantial former hotel on the main street of this well-pubbed riverside town, where the boarding-up has been enhanced by paintings of rural scenes.

The Railway Inn

The Railway Inn, Leeds, Yorkshire

A utilitarian flat-roofed pub in the Hunslet area on the south-east side of the city. Some of the detailing suggests a 1930s origin, but the surrounding housing is post-war. It has since been converted for residential use, but the Whitbread inn sign has been retained.

The Coopers Arms

The Coopers Arms, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Not the well-known historic Coopers Tavern, this is an imposing late-Victorian street-corner pub on the south-west side of the town. It was sold off by Marston’s a few years ago but carried on for a while as a free house; permission is now being south to turn it into a community centre.

The Bullock Smithy

The Bullock Smithy, Hazel Grove, Cheshire

A four-square pub on a busy road junction, originally called the Bull’s Head. Bullock Smithy was the former name of Hazel Grove, which was changed in the 19th century for reasons of decorum. In recent years it was very much given over to dining, and did not reopen after the first lockdown in 2020.

The Farmers Arms

The Farmers Arms, Northwich, Cheshire

A large post-war estate-style pub in the Rudheath district on the south-east side of the town, that has been a Co-op store for over ten years.

The Spotted Dog

The Spotted Dog, Forest Gate, London

An old weatherboarded pub in East London, believed to have once been a hunting lodge used by Henry VIII, situated next to the ground of Clapton FC. It has been closed since 2004.

The Holly Bush

The Holly Bush, Linton, Derbyshire

A surprisingly extensive village pub in the South Derbyshire coalfield. When open, it butted on to a pair of new-build houses, and has now been entirely converted to residential use.

The Halton Moor

The Halton Moor, Leeds, Yorkshire

Standing alone in a bleak-looking location in East Leeds, this pub reminds me of Hrothgar’s mead hall from Beowulf. Not sure from the architecture whether it is 30s or 50s.

The White Horse

The White Horse, Sheffield, Yorkshire

A large modern pub on the main A61 road north out of the city where, bizarrely, one half has been turned into a Pizze Hut takeaway while the other half remains boarded up.

The New Talbot

The New Talbot, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire

A substantial street-corner pub in an area of terraced housing on the south-west side of the town, now converted to flats but still bearing its Marston’s lettering. The StreetView image shows it in Marston’s livery.

The Flora Hotel

The Flora Hotel, West Kilburn, London

A monumental former Irish pub in West London, backing on to the Regent’s Canal, wearing the Taylor Walker livery revived by Allied Breweries in the 1980s.

The Bridgewater Hotel

The Bridgewater Hotel, Hollinwood, Lancashire

Once a showpiece pub for Holts, built about thirty years ago behind the previous pub of the same name that had to be demolished for road widening. Previously noted for its carvery. It is reported as having been sold subject to contract for a guide price of £800,000.

The Elephant & Castle

The Elephant & Castle, Dumbarton, Dunbartonshire

A small pub at the west end of the town’s High Street, colloquially referred to as Nellie’s, which has been demolished since the StreetView image was captured. The removal of the signage shows it was previously called Galbraith’s. I learned about one this from Tandleman’s blog.

The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun, Woodville, Derbyshire

A small village pub in a former coal-mining district, which failed to reopen after the first 2020 lockdown and now appears to be up for sale for residential use.

The Magnet

The Magnet, York

A compact inter-wars pub in the Banker’s Classical style in the eastern suburbs of the city. Presumably the name derives from its original ownership by John Smith’s brewery.

The Windmill

The Windmill, Mellor Brook, Lancashire

A handsome, four-square white-painted pub prominently situated in a village on the main road between Preston and Blackburn.

The Argyle Arms

The Argyle Arms, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire

A neat street-corner pub in an area of terraced housing on the south side of the town that has now been turned into a convenience store.

The Queen’s Hotel

The Queen’s Hotel, Sheffield, Yorkshire

An imposing former hotel tied to erstwhile local brewery Ward’s in a run-down industrial area on the north side of the city centre.


Players, Totton, Hampshire

A relatively modest 1930s mock-Tudor pub, originally the Cooper’s Arms, set back from the road on a housing estate to the west of the town. The extensive site must have considerable potential for residential development.

The Grapes

The Grapes, Coventry, Warwickshire

A characteristic large inter-wars pub on the north side of the city, where several attempts to redevelop the site as flats have so far been rejected.

The Shoulder of Mutton

The Shoulder of Mutton, Oakthorpe, Leicestershire

A small back street pub that, when it closed in 2019, was the last pub in the village. It has now been converted for residential use – the StreetView image shows it in mock-Tudor livery, a striking contrast with its current appearance.

The Saltersgate Inn

The Saltersgate Inn, Levisham, Yorkshire

A familiar landmark on the road between Pickering and Whitby across the North York Moors, it was noted for having a fire continuously burning for over two hundred years. It closed in 2008 and, after various attempts to redevelop it fell through, was finally demolished in 2018.