The Three Crowns

The Three Crowns, Walsall, Staffordshire

Yet another impressive inter-wars pub in the West Midlands, this one a long building with Dutch-style gables. Still open on StreetView.

The Lane Ends

The Lane Ends, Marple Bridge, Cheshire

A stone-built former Tetley pub high above Marple Bridge on the twisty road to Glossop. This is my recent photo – it still shows as open – and bathed in sunshine – on StreetView. The sign says that it is for sale by auction, and has planning permission for conversion to a four-bedroomed home.

The Britannia

The Britannia, Scarborough, North Riding of Yorkshire

A brightly-painted pub at the bottom of Scarborough’s main street near the harbour. Still shows as open on StreetView – I would be surprised if it stayed closed indefinitely in this location.

The Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales, Gloucester

A brightly-painted former Whitbread pub near the site of the defunct Gloucester Eastgate station.

The Greyhound

The Greyhound, Sydenham, London

An attractive gabled pub on a South London high street, now sadly boarded up and fenced off prior to redevelopment.

The Flowing Bowl

The Flowing Bowl, Ramsgate, Kent

A typical 1930s estate pub, defunct but not yet boarded up, on the western fringes of Ramsgate close to Manston airport.