The Hark to Rover

The Hark to Rover, Kirkstall, Leeds, Yorkshire

Although this appears like a typical parade of estate shops, looking back to the 2008 StreetView image shows that the ground floor was in fact entirely occupied by the pub, clearly from the same design school as the Fernlea. The most recent view suggestes it has been converted to flats during the current year.

The Stirrup

The Stirrup, Woodchurch, Cheshire

A main road pub in the centre of the Wirral, opened in 1966 by Bass and most recently operated by Sizzling Pubs. The site is planned to be redeveloped as retirement apartments.

The Swillington

The Swillington, Swillington, Yorkshire

A pub with an unusual castellated facade in a village east of Leeds where as many businesses as possible seem to bear the village name. Now the Indian Lounge restaurant.

The Bridge Tavern

The Bridge Tavern, Southampton, Hampshire

A handsome inter-wars Brewer’s Tudor pub on the north-west side of the city, photographed by StreetView on a beautiful, sunny Spring day in 2015. Unsurprisingly, there are now plans to demolish it and build a four-storey block of flats in its place.

The Queens

The Queens, Leeds, Yorkshire

A substantial, free-standing white-painted pub with distinctive arched windows on the south-east side of the city. The trendy moniker of “The Queens @ Stourton” clearly wasn’t enough to save it.