The Queensferry Hotel

The Queensferry Hotel, Queensferry, Flintshire

An impressive inter-wars pub next to the old bridge on the original main road into North Wales. Part of the bridge is just visible to the right of the pub. Like the Hawarden Castle across the river, this must once have attracted plenty of trade from trippers caught in the notorious traffic queues.

The Office

The Office, Bradford, Yorkshire

A substantial stone-built free house in a run-down industrial area on the north-west side of the city. The name – which presumably is not the original – offers an obvious opportunity for the excuse “Sorry, but I had to stay late at the office.”

The Victory

The Victory, Bolton, Lancashire

A monumental redbrick pub in an area of Victorian terraced housing on the north-west side of the town. Originally built by Magee Marshall, and later passed into the hands of Greenall Whitley. It is now planned for conversion to flats and retail use.

The Wellington

The Wellington, Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire

A small stone-built roadside pub on the steep hill linking Sowerby Bridge with Halifax, which was closed following a fatal fire.