The High Bank

The High Bank, Openshaw, Manchester

A modern pub just off Ashton Old Road in East Manchester, built by Boddingtons in the 1960s to replace an earlier one of the same name.

The Old English Gentleman

The Old English Gentleman, Harston, Cambridgeshire

Prominently situated in the fork of two roads on the A10 south of Cambridge, this pub didn’t prove a success as an Indian restaurant either, and is now planned for conversion to a convenience store.

The Folly

The Folly, Ackleton, Shropshire

A roadside pub on the B4176 between Dudley and Telford which is known locally at the “Rabbit Run”. Its closure back in 2011 was blamed on excessive rents from Marston’s: it doesn’t look as though it’s been open since then.