The Brick House

The Brick House, Heywood, Lancashire

An ornately decorated street-corner pub, still in Whitbread livery, just west of the town centre.

The Wheatsheaf

The Wheatsheaf, Oulton, Staffordshire

This pub in a small village near Stone still looks to be thriving on StreetView. The Brushmakers’ Arms a couple of doors up the street is still in business.

(My own picture)

The Grey Mare

The Grey Mare, Salford, Lancashire

A street-corner pub situated next to the new tram route to Eccles. A modern makeover as “Bar and Food” hasn’t helped save it.

The Worthenbury Arms

The Worthenbury Arms, Worthenbury, Flintshire

A roadside village pub that is “To Let” on the 2009 StreetView image, but looking considerably more sorry for itself in the recent photo. Now bearing Thwaites signs, I recall it once being tied to Border Breweries. Despite its English-sounding name, this village is actually in Wales, in the detached “English Maelor” portion of Flintshire.

The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun, Catford, London

A small mock-Tudor pub with impressive chimneystacks sandwiched between larger modern shopping developments on a South London high street.