The Admiral Jervis

The Admiral Jervis, Oakamoor, Staffordshire

An attractive late Victorian or Edwardian mock-Tudor pub in a leafy setting off the main road in the picturesque Churnet Valley. It was only brought into pub use in 1982, but was closed by 2016 when the StreetView image was taken. It was one of several pubs in the area named after locally-born naval hero Sir John Jervis, who was made Earl of St. Vincent.

The Bowling Green

The Bowling Green, St Helens, Lancashire

A functional flat-roofed pub on the south side of the town close to St Helens Hospital. There were plans in 2017 to convert it to multiple-occupancy housing but, perhaps surprisingly, it has subsequently reopened, which is a rare good news story.

The Oakwood

The Oakwood, Leeds, Yorkshire

An impressive 1930s roadhouse in the Roundhay district on the eastern side of the city, which was converted to a drive-thru McDonalds before the advent of StreetView.

The Railway Tavern

The Railway Tavern, Crowborough, Sussex

A four-square street corner pub belonging to Shepherd Neame, unsurprisingly situated opposite the town’s railway station, still open on StreetView. A name change from the more distinctive Welcome Stranger obviously failed to revive its fortunes.

The Haygate

The Haygate, Wellington, Shropshire

A large inter-wats pub on the west side of the town where planning permission has been granted for redevelopment of the site as 18 flats despite concerns about parking provision.

The Lion & Lamb

The Lion & Lamb, Leeds, Yorkshire

A monumental 1930s roadhouse on the main York Road to the east of the city. It was demolished before the advent of StreetView and replaced by an Aldi supermarket.

The Highwayman

The Highwayman, Threapwood, Staffordshire

A large pub on the road between Cheadle and Alton Tower that appears in the past to have had a reputation as a destination venue. It was already closed in 2009 and has since been redeveloped into a row of cottages that appear to utilise the main pub building. This is a rather spooky account from 2009 of exploring the derelict building.

The Sutton

The Sutton, Great Sutton, Cheshire

A characteristic Sixties or Seventies estate pub on the western side of Ellesmere Port, with the distinctive angled window design popular around that time. A planning application has been submitted to demolish it and replace it with a Co-op convenience store. It was originally called the Marquis, which from the reference in the news report was presumably what it continued to be called locally.

The Perdiswell House

The Perdiswell House. Worcester

A large Harvester pub-restaurant on the main A38 Droitwich Road heading north out of the city. Planning permission has been applied for, although so far refused, to demolish it and replace it with a 78-bed care home.

The Furnham Inn

The Furnham Inn, Cnard, Somerset

A white-painted pub on the north side of the town whose owners have been trying without success to sell it since 2013. Although it stands on a main road, the Google cameras have not been that way since 2009, so it still shows as open on StreetView.

The Kiln

The Kiln, Leeds, Yorkshire

Another modern estate-style pub in the shadow of tower blocks on the north side of the city centre, still bearing John Smith’s livery.

The Dog & Partridge

The Dog & Partridge, Standish, Lancashire

A small four-square pub just to the west of the crossroads at the centre of the village. The premises have now been taken over by a gunsmith’s, and the sign fittingly reads “Dog & Cartridge”.