The Travellers Inn

The Travellers Inn, Sheffield, Yorkshire

An unusual tall, narrow, free-standing pub on the Attercliffe Road on the north-east of the city. StreetView shows that it was demolished between November 2020 and October 2022

The Bank Corner

The Bank Corner, Alsager, Cheshire

A large modern shopfront-style pub in the centre of this south Cheshire town that has more of the feeling of an overgrown village. It has something of the look of a Wetherspoon’s, but never actually was one.

The Langold Hotel

The Langold Hotel, Langold, Nottinghamshire

A large inter-wars mock-Tudor pub in a former mining village close to the Yorkshire border, which was demolished during the course of 2009. The banner says “Business Opportunity Available Now”, but it was never taken up.

The White Hart

The White Hart, Northolt, Middlesex

A Grade II listed pub in West London, slightly cut off by a modern roundabout, which closed in 2015. Over 250 tons of fly-tipped rubbish had to be removed from the site.

The Crown

The Crown, Leiston, Suffolk

A white-painted street-corner pub in this small non-touristy Suffolk town close to Sizewell nuclear power station. Plans have been approved to turn it into an 11-bed House of Multiple Occupation.

The Grapes

The Grapes, Heaton Norris, Lancashire

A back-street pub tucked away in an area of mostly modern housing, which had been about the last pub standing in an area where they were once numerous. It was reputedly the model for the Grapes in the TV series Early Doors.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse, Capel-le-Ferne, Kent

A large, rambling pub in a spectacular clifftop location overlooking the English Channel between Folkestone and Dover. It has now been put up for auction with a view to either being converted to flats or completely demolished.

The Rookery Tavern

The Rookery Tavern, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire

A large modern estate-style pub with a rather troubled history, located on the southern fringes of the city. It closed in 2014 and was demolished in 2022, and proposals to build housing on the site have now been approved.

The Saddle Inn

The Saddle Inn, Bartle, Lancashire

A white-painted Thwaites pub with a very large car park on the rural western fringe of Preston. The road it stands on appears to have been cut off by the new A582 link. It was demolished in October 2022, to be replaced by a a garage, coffee shop and Greggs.

The Waggon & Horses

The Waggon & Horses, Smethwick, Staffordshire

A corner pub in two differing architectural styles situated on the north side of the town. Note the characteristic M&B lantern on the left-hand side. Due to the risk of the building collapsing, it is now to be demolished and replaced by flats.

The Fforde Grene

The Fforde Grene, Leeds, Yorkshire

An imposing pub in the angle of two roads in the Harehills district on the north side of the city. It closed in 2004 and has served for many years as an ethnic supermarket. It had a colourful history that even merits its own Wikipedia page. Its patrons were reportedly the inspiration for Chumbawamba's song “Tubthumping.”