The Old Red Lion

The Old Red Lion, Burnley Lancashire

An elegant Victorian pub with a curved corner frontage situated in a pedestrianised area. A latter-day rebrand as “Craft” failed to save it, although the much smaller Sun Inn to the left appears to be still trading. There are now plans to replace it with a coffee shop, offices and flats.

The Nook

The Nook, Leeds, Yorkshire

A plain-looking 1950s estate pub in the Farnley district on the west side of the city. It did actually reopen after this view was taken, but is now closed again.

The Robin Hood

The Robin Hood, Stretford, Lancashire

A very large Edwardian redbrick pub, formerly tied to Whitbread, on the west side of Stretford town centre, which has largely been obliterated by the Arndale Centre development and is now devoid of pubs apart from a couple of micros.

The Boar’s Head

The Boar’s Head, Barton, Lancashire

A former Mitchell’s pub on the A6 north of Preston, which closed in 2016 and was demolished in March this year, despite efforts by the local community to purchase it. The site is now to be redeveloped for housing.

The Gate

The Gate, Sheffield, Yorkshire

The second of two closed pubs next to each other on the A61 to the north of the city. This one is a functional post-war design. Both have now been replaced by a giant Sainsbury’s. The photo below shows them both together.

The Travellers

The Travellers, Sheffield, Yorkshire

A stone-built Victorian pub that is the first of two closed pubs next to each other on the A61 to the north of the city. Both have now been replaced by a giant Sainsbury’s that rather dominates the scene.

The Restoration

The Restoration, Tilehurst, Berkshire

A neat inter-wars pub on the Oxford Road to the west of Reading. Local residents have been invited to comment on plans to demolish it and replace it with 18 apartments.

The George IV

The George IV, Leeds, Yorkshire

A typical post-war estate pub in the Hunslet district on the south side of the city. After a troubled history, it fell victim to an arson attack in 2018 and has since been demolished. Note the sign still saying “Open under New Management” even though there’s a gaping hole in the roof.

The Cheshire Midland

The Cheshire Midland, Hale, Cheshire

A four-square inter-wars pub in the centre of prosperous Hale next to the station, which was originally built by the Cheshire Midland railway company. It was abruptly closed pre-Covid by Humphrey Smith, allegedly due to failing to enforce Samuel Smiths’s mobile phone ban, and has never reopened since, although it was only boarded up relatively recently.

The Odd Fellows Hall

The Odd Fellows Hall, Shipley, Yorkshire

A distinctive three-storey early Victorian pub dated 1840, situated on the south side of the town just down the hill from the Branch. Note the house next door with conical turrets in the style of a French chateau.

The Stanley Arms

The Stanley Arms, Upholland, Lancashire

A roadside pub in a West Lancashire village notable for the main road through it negotiating a hairpin bend to descend a steep hill. It closed just before Covid struck, and after being occupied by squatters it is now to be converted to housing.

The White Horse

The White Horse, Morley, Yorkshire

A stone-built pub standing at an angle to the road on a steep section to the south side of the town centre. It has now become Kasa Rosa restaurant, but the building itself is largely unchanged.