Ye Olde Woolpack

Ye Olde Woolpack, Stockport, Cheshire

A former local CAMRA Pub of the Year, the final death-knell was sounded for this pub when the COOP Bank, located in the distinctive blue pyramid just across the road (visible behind the pub on the StreetView image), told their employees that, not only could they not drink alcohol at lunchtimes, but they couldn’t visit the pub at all. It still shows as trading on StreetView.

This pub is within a mile of my house and one where I have enjoyed many good pints over the years.


  1. Those rotten employers. Expecting their staff to be sober and do the job they are paid to do. If it's not supermarkets killing pubs it's greedy bankers!

  2. Well, I firmly believe that the ever-growing discouragement by employers of even very light lunchtime drinking by their staff is a significant cause of the decline of pubs. And in this case they banned them from going to the pub even if they consumed no alcohol whatsoever.

    A half of Carlsberg does not render you pissed, you know.

  3. These sort of bans really annoy me. How did Britain manage to function without them?

  4. 18 February 2015
    A PRIVATE public house operator is to take over the Ye Olde Woolpack, the former free-house at 70 Brinksway, Stockport next door to the landmark Pyramid building. The detached property with parking provides 4,180 sq ft of accommodation on ground and first floors with a cellar in the basement. The property has been let on a three year lease at a rental of £15,000 per annum. Ben Fallows of commercial agent TFC, who acted for the landlord a private individual, said: “The premises attracted a considerable amount of interest given its prominent location and potential”.

  5. Since I made that post the pub has actually reopened once, closed again and then reopened a second time.

    I wish the current licensee well, but I can't help thinking the pub is in an unpromising location and will struggle. And, despite the property agents' puff, it doesn't really have a car park, which would help a bit.