The Manchester Arms

The Manchester Arms, St Ives, Huntingdonshire

A substantial pub by the by-pass on the north-eastern side of the town. According to StreetView, it was converted to a Tesco Express at some time between 2011 and 2014. The first pub on this blog in the historic county of Huntingdonshire.

The Vale Royal

The Vale Royal, Orrell, Lancashire

A large food-oriented pub, previously a Crown Carvery, situated on a B-road to the west of Wigan, and visible from the nearby M6 motorway. The estate agent’s board says “Change of use considered”. The StreetView image was captured on a beautiful Spring day in 2019.

The Alma Tavern

The Alma Tavern, Rotherham, Yorkshire

An ornate Edwardian pub advertising Bentley’s Rotherham Ales, with “Rebuilt 1909” in the gable. The similarly elaborate Cutlers’ Arms next door, proclaiming William Stones’ Cannon Ales, is still trading.

The Cavalier

The Cavalier, Leeds, Yorkshire

This roadside pub in the shadow of an imposing church, and now in a sadly burnt-out state, was in fact the last to close in the Cross Green area of Leeds, and completes my series covering the pubs of that neighbourhood. Unusually for the area, it was tied to Bass rather than Tetley’s, although no doubt you would be more likely to have encountered Brew Ten and Toby Light rather than the eponymous Burton classic.

The Black Dog

The Black Dog, Leeds, Yorkshire

This compact inter-wars pub in the Cross Green area of the city was actually demolished before StreetView was created, and the current view is unrecognisable. The Fisherman’s Hut can be seen in the background.

The Fisherman’s Hut

The Fisherman’s Hut, Leeds, Yorkshire

An imposing inter-wars “flat-iron” pub in the Cross Green area of the city, which has been closed since the final years of the last century.

The Cross Green

The Cross Green, Leeds, Yorkshire

The pub that actually bears the name of the district, the premises now being occupied by “Badboy Burgers”.

The Spring Close

The Spring Close, Leeds, Yorkshire

A small backstreet pub, still in Tetley’s livery, which was one of the last pubs to close in the East Leeds area of Cross Green. Note the horse grazing on the adjacent patch of waste ground on the StreetView image.

The Hampton

The Hampton, Leeds, Yorkshire

Another from the Cross Green area of East Leeds, this is a white-painted Victorian pub at right angles to the road in the shadow of a block of modern flats.

The Yew Tree

The Yew Tree, Leeds, Yorkshire

Another in the Cross Green area of East Leeds, a white-painted pub with a single-storey extension at the front.

The Bridgefield Hotel

The Bridgefield Hotel, Leeds, Yorkshire

This is the first in a series of pubs in the East Leeds area of Cross Green submitted by local reader Kyle Reed. In recent years the area has been completely denuded of its pubs. There are some memories of better days here. It is an impressive triangular inter-wars pub with stone detailing on the facade.

The Shawes Arms

The Shawes Arms, Preston, Lancashire

An old pub in an attractive situation next to the bridge taking London Road over the River Ribble. After several years of closure, it is now going to be converted to an eatery.