The Antelope

The Antelope, Stafford

A substantial inter-wars Brewer’s Tudor pub on the main A34 road heading north out of the town towards Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The Barton Inn

The Barton Inn, Eccles, Lancashire

A big 1930s (or maybe even 1950s) pub, still in Whitbread livery, situated amongst postwar flats close to the Bridgwater Canal. It has been demolished since the 2012 StreetView image was taken.

The Old Plough

The Old Plough, Hanley, Staffordshire

Four-square pub on the main road west out of Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent’s “city centre”, which once had a good reputation for food. Now looking rather lost amongst the surrounding retail sheds.

The New Inn

The New Inn, Gravesend, Kent

A small street-corner pub, still in Whitbread livery, on the east side of the rather tatty town centre. Still open on StreetView.

(My own picture)

The Boat

The Boat, Darlaston, Staffordshire

This inter-wars canalside pub in a rather grim industrial estate location would appear to have hit the rocks some time ago. See this press report. The site is currently being used as a hand car wash.

The Eagles

The Eagles, Cressage, Shropshire

A distinctive weatherboarded pub with a large car park, situated on a tight bend on the main Shrewsbury-Bridgnorth road close to the River Severn. Not boarded up on StreetView, but showing few signs of life.

(My own picture)

The Black Eagle

The Black Eagle, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire

A typical back-street pub that retains its signage despite its current use as a Muslim education centre.

The Red Lion

The Red Lion, Chellaston, Derbyshire

A typical modern suburban pub whose situation on a major road junction has made it eminently suitable for conversion to a Tesco Express.

The Horsfield Arms

The Horsfield Arms, Bredbury, Cheshire

A former Robinson’s pub situated on a busy road junction in front of the brewery’s packaging plant, visible in the background. On the edge of the Brinnington council estate, which is now entirely devoid of pubs.

The pub has been demolished since the StreetView image was taken.

The Five Oaks

The Five Oaks, Knutsford, Cheshire

A free-standing Victorian redbrick pub on the less smart eastern side of Knutsford, in recent years just known as “The Oaks”. Situated on a main road, with plenty of housing nearby, surely this could have been viable with the right formula.

(My own picture)

The Station Hotel

The Station Hotel, Creswell, Derbyshire

An imposing redbrick corner pub probably dating from around the turn of the last century, situated in a former mining village. It looks rather smarter on the 2009 StreetView image than on my recent picture. Situated close to the well-known Creswell Crags beauty spot.

(My own picture)

The Bay Horse

The Bay Horse, Newton-by-Hyde, Cheshire

A substantial inter-wars pub, originally owned by Robinson’s, on a corner site in a residential area to the north-east of Hyde.

The StreetView image from April 2011 shows the brewer’s dray making a delivery.

(My own picture)

The Beech Tree

The Beech Tree, Barnton, Cheshire

A substantial inter-wars pub in Jacobean style with distinctive mullioned windows, originally built by Greenalls. It was the last pub in Barnton, a village with a population of over 5,000.

(My own picture)

The King Arthur

The King Arthur, Dudley, Worcestershire

Another massive inter-wars West Midlands roadhouse on the northern approach to Dudley. The site is now being redeveloped as an ALDI supermarket.