The Five Oaks

The Five Oaks, Knutsford, Cheshire

A free-standing Victorian redbrick pub on the less smart eastern side of Knutsford, in recent years just known as “The Oaks”. Situated on a main road, with plenty of housing nearby, surely this could have been viable with the right formula.

(My own picture)


  1. If I were local I might try it but not if passing by on the main road. I find it a most unwelcoming looking building. Without the sign I would have said that it was a Victorian house now council offices or a home for the elderly, never a pub.

  2. The Five Oaks was a good 'local', an integral feature of life in and around firstly Knutsford Urban District Council's Shaw Heath estate, then the Manchester 'overspill' estates named Five Oaks and Longridge. It was rarely used by anyone outside this area but I think that's the way we liked it!

  3. Passed by today and found it demolished with houses being built on the site.