The Station Hotel

The Station Hotel, Creswell, Derbyshire

An imposing redbrick corner pub probably dating from around the turn of the last century, situated in a former mining village. It looks rather smarter on the 2009 StreetView image than on my recent picture. Situated close to the well-known Creswell Crags beauty spot.

(My own picture)


  1. Never got there, but I've a soft spot for the pubs in the Bolsover/Dukeries mining area, particularly the Mansfield houses. What was the Station ?

  2. Sorry, no idea. I just happened to be passing and thought "oh, there's a good one". WhatPub says the most recent owners were Enterprise Inns. The signage if anything is reminiscent of Shipstones.

    Interesting that Creswell was a big enough place to have had its own cinema, just down the road under the railway bridge, now a bingo hall.