The Three Stars

The Three Stars, Chelmsford, Essex

Another typical free-standing post-war pub situated rather off the beaten track in an estate on the west side of the town.


  1. Loads of this kind of pub have closed in Bristol over the past few years, in fact this category of pub has been the main casualty of the recent wave of pub closures. There are whole estates with no pubs or with perhaps one just about clinging on.

  2. I came across this one in Bristol which will be featuring in the near future.

    If you have any suggestions which show up in a closed state on Google StreetView (or which you could take pictures of) then please get in touch.

  3. The Lamplighters isn't quite dead yet. There is a campaign supported by the local MP to re-open it and no final decisions have been made.
    Will definitely look for a few more on StreetView.

  4. I have failed miserably to send you pictures. However, if you want a look at the Bristol pub scene, check this out: Please bear in mind that the views expressed are idiosyncratic and I don't agree with all of them (The Cornubia is a cracking pub despite what these people say and The Eastfield has recently improved beyond measure despite being a 1930s roadhouse.) The site should give you a laugh though.