The Swan with Two Necks

The Swan with Two Necks, Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire

From the look of it, a rare example of a modest 1930s-built pub, in a back street location in North Leeds.


  1. Waterloo Taven in Ashton u lyne suffers arson attack,will it it stay or will it go ?

    Queens forced to put up metal shutters including
    cellar access and chimney

    Biggest Bar now having table top sales

    Engine house now concentrating on Baguettes

    Enville desperate for "functions" ???????

    Pit and Nelson (322 year location)
    now a PC parts shop.

    Irish club surviving on Heinz sponsored
    keep fit classes

    Ladysmith fills up a bit about 1 AM open to 4 am

    Oddfellows (Robbys) till 2007 since 1838 one of the busiest pubs around ,for sale

    And the local MP reckoned the ban would be a boost for the pub sector (still does)

  2. Used to drink in here as a tax dodger when I lived in Little London. Decent pint of John Smiths cask as well, as it usually was on the wrong side of the Pennines. Always a busy locals pub, we were just about the only students who ever ventured in. Shame to learn of its demise.