The Maskery

The Maskery, Congleton, Cheshire

A Smith & Jones branded pub right in the centre of this busy Cheshire market town. Still open, although up for sale, on StreetView.

(My own picture)

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  1. Hard to get too misty-eyed over this one - it was a Blockbuster video store that was converted into a Spoons knock-off. With a real Spoons two doors down and Amber refurbing the Bull's Head next door to that, it looks like a short-lived beneficiary of the Blair boom. Not sure of the story, it looks like it wasn't one of the Bramwell freeholds that were bought from the administrators by Stonegate in 2013, so I guess a private investor bought the site and traded it under the old brand until late 2016. Price recently cut from £395k to £300k, so obviously keen to get rid - it would work better as a restaurant or poundshop than as a pub to be honest.