The Liver Inn

The Liver Inn, Rhydtalog, Denbighshire

Once a prominent landmark on the A5104 Chester-Corwen road, this pub closed in 2007, although it still looks in good condition on the 2009 StreetView image. The photo was taken in 2012 and it is now in a much sorrier state. There are plans to redevelop it as housing. In its latter days I recall it being owned by Hydes Brewery.

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  1. My mum was the last landlady to run this pub, she revamped as much as possible and lost a lot of money trying to make a success of it but ultimately the numbers wouldn't stack up. Rates too high, then the leaseholder went bust. Sad to see another lovely pub go to rack and ruin. Mind you, it still has the record of 'best burger I have ever eaten' even today!