The Freebodies Tavern

The Freebodies Tavern, Dudley. Worcestershire

A modern estate-style pub in a mixed area south of the town centre that now looks very sorry for itself.

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  1. Quite symbolic of the town itself,I grew up in the area and all through the 80's and the Freebodies was always lively and packed out. Run by the larger than life Maggie who recently passed away sadly. She left sometime in the 90's and the pub went downhill with some very dubious characters running the place bringing along their less than friendly friends with them. The pub then really slumped but then the pub got took over by a chap named Andy and his family and he really gave it a new lease of life bringing a reminder the pub's former glory. He arranged many community events their including neighbourhood watch meetings and bingo. People came back. Unfortunately this wasn't to last as Andy eventually Andy left for new pastures and the place was left empty slowly becoming a delapidated ruin. Recently fire gutted the place and it has been bulldozed. Houses are now built on the the site and nothing remains of it. Paul