The Adswood Hotel

The Adswood Hotel, Stockport, Cheshire

A large pub with an attractive cobbled forecourt in a well-populated area of terraced housing. Recently closed by Robinson’s Brewery as part of their cull of under-performing pubs and apparently destined for redevelopment as yet more housing. Still open – and looking quite appealing – on StreetView.

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  1. I went on a trip back to Stockport yesterday, to look at where I was brought up and drove past the Adswood Hotel, I was deeply upset to see it had closed as I used to go in there with my Dad when I came home from wherever I was living and it brought back a lot of very happy memories of when we used to "go for a walk" as he liked to call having a pint.

    It's another case of our great British heritage and traditions being got rid of by big business and it is a shame.

    Also, from another website I noticed that one of the resident ghosts didn't like clocks, I have never heard of this rumour in all of the years I went in for a drink so is there anyone out there who can enlighten me please...

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    Julian Smith