The Squirrel

The Squirrel, Horwich, Lancashire

A large pub with an extensive car park on the northern edge of the town that had a spell as an Indian restaurant but is now closed and boarded.

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  1. As a child in the WW2 years, we as a family, used to travel to Blackpool on holiday using a famous coach company called Sheffield United Tours (unrelated to the football club) -from Sheffield of course. Along with scores of other coach companies, we would stop at 'The Squirrel' at Horwich in their massive coach park (I don't call it a car park because few people owned cars in those days). This was known as comfort stop where refreshments could be purchased if you hadn't already packed your own for the journey. There were crowds of holiday makers, especially the toilet queues.
    Since this interruption to our journey took place mid morning, I doubt that 'intoxicating' refreshment could be obtained since this was well outside licensing hours - I may be wrong.
    I was always excited when the thirty minute 'pull-in' was over and the driver re-started the coach, because the next stop was Blackpool. The first one top spot the 'Tower' added to the final excitement of the journey.