The Ram Inn

The Ram Inn, Derby

A four-square street-corner pub just off the city centre, whose proximity to the next-door Woodlark can’t have done it any favours.


  1. Loved this pub, drank in there occasionally during my Uni days 95-99. Sad to see it's closed. Pub quiz was always good, live footy and lovely ale.

    1. Also at Derby Uni 95-99. The Ram Inn was a great place for a nice filling lunch for absurdly low prices, and nice staff from what I remember. Sad to see it go.

  2. Absolutely loved this place around 1999 - 2001. Great landlords who looked after the local students. £2 for a pie and chips meal, 60p for a coke and £1.50 a pint. Atmosphere was fantastic with live sport, quiz night, free curry and chips night...