The New Hop and Barleycorn

The New Hop and Barleycorn, Coseley, Staffordshire

An unusually-named redbrick estate-style pub that, untypically, seems to have acquired modern-style name lettering before its closure. This is another one where, if you move one step forward on StreetView, it magically turns from open to closed.

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  1. My mother and father used to run the hop and barleycorn we lived there for years. After we left the pub the Gelder's took over after them others took over. It is so strange to see it boarded up. The pub was one of the best in the area with live music and a real good family atmosphere. It is so sad to see it like this now most the pubs around this area are closed or closing. By closing our pubs they have took away our community spirit or is that what the government want? after all we are a subdued Nation STOP TAKING OUR PUBS.
    Thanks Kelly B