The Flemish Weaver

The Flemish Weaver, Salford, Lancashire

A modern estate-type pub overshadowed by tower blocks.


  1. Don't know where you got this info but its wrong!!

  2. Is the pub still closed though?

  3. never has had a problem with drugs i ran it for 6yrs and it is still open

    1. I am going to the Auction today.. seems it is still open...

      can the person who used to run the pub please email me on are you still interested in running pubs

  4. I've deleted the offending comment as obviously I've been given some duff information - I don't want to offend anyone. It's certainly closed and boarded on Google StreetView, though.

  5. Pub is still open and going, lively place which does well for itself.

  6. me and are kid, tim, always go in ere. Every tuesday from 7pm after we get our weekly pay from job seekers, come in ere, chat up the bar staff, have good craic with meat ed stew.... he told me he once beat up a student from salford just cos he overtook him on the pavement, stew didnt like that, not one little bit. He said he "RKO'd him to fuck".... but he is a crackin lad!

    Theres one bar maid in ere, mandy, fuck! - now theres a lass who's horse gets fed on a daily basis, and boy, does she know it! been down there several times...gets me free pints for rest of night, so can't argue! and the extra money i save from free pints off mandy means more money to save to watch the MIGHTY REDS!! Fair play to her, if your gonna lob ya clam out daily, might aswell get it done!

    oh, and, er, cracking bistro!!! 10/10 when stews there! 9/10 other wise! must go in ere!!!