The Parkside

The Parkside, Moss Side, Manchester

A huge Edwardian pub close to the former Maine Road football ground, in the past tied to Whitbread, which in its day must have been one of the most magnificent in the Manchester area. Looks as though it has now been converted to flats.


  1. In it's day it has a reputation as a seriously threatening dump.

    John Clarke

  2. Oh yes, and it has to be said it looks rather smarter as flats than it did as a pub. But what a building - the side elevation is even more remarkable.

  3. Went in a few times on trips to watch City. I think the only pub around the old ground where home and away fans could mix, with huge bouncers on the door and a suitcase or tub for dumping in coins before entering. There was a decent chippy across the way for pie chips and gravy before the game...